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There is never a fee to the seller! [/column_one_third]

[column_two_thirds] [dropcap]G[/dropcap]eneral Insurance Brokerage is the industry expert in selling insurance agencies from coast to coast. We specialize in the sale of insurance agencies in the United States. Are you looking for a buyer for your insurance agency or wondering what your agency is worth? Dollars funnel.General Insurance Brokerage is your solution. Now is an optimal time to explore selling your insurance agency and we are the experts in successful sales. Services offered:

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Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our clients have to say:

See all testimonials. [column_one_half] Kevin W. (Florida) says: [articlequote]General Insurance Brokerage handled our last acquisition. The deal never stopped moving towards a successful closing. Thanks GIB!”[/articlequote] Steven R. (Florida) says: [articlequote]General Insurance Brokerage made the buying process very easy for us. They walk both the buyer and seller through the process from start to finish to ensure a “win/win” for both the buyer and seller. Additionally, the General Insurance Brokerage team resolved potential obstacles to get the deal done; The provide creative, yet, sound solutions to ensure a fair deal is reached by all parties.”[/articlequote][/column_one_half] [column_one_half] Oscar W. (Georgia) says: [articlequote]I thought this would be a complicated process. We received a fair valuation and let General Insurance Brokerage handle the entire due diligence and negotiation process. It was amazing how quick and efficiently the process went.”[/articlequote] Dawn B. (Florida) says: [articlequote]General Insurance Brokerage handled our sale in a quick and efficient manner. From valuation to close, it only took 45 days. General Insurance Brokerage sold our book-of-business for 20% higher than other consultants told us it was worth.”[/articlequote][/column_one_half]