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Looking to sell an independent insurance agency? Looking to buy an independent insurance agency? General Insurance Brokerage is the leading insurance agency merger and acquisition (M&A) transaction broker offering the sale of independence agencies. We serve all types of independent insurance agencies throughout the United States, offering turnkey solutions. Serving companies across the United States, we assist buyers and sellers in more than 100 transactions annually from coast to coast. We understand the opportunities that exist in the insurance sector, and offer sales solutions for both independent agencies and private equity. Our depth of expertise stretches through all stages of the buy/sell process – from initial planning to successful closing of the transaction. If you are asking “how can I sell my insurance agency?”, “what is the value of my insurance agency?” or “do you have insurance agencies for sale?”, we can help!  Our team will develop and execute a plan that’s right for you to ensure you reach maximum profitability.

What Makes Us the Preferred Solution?


We Complete More than 100 Transactions Per Year from Coast to Coast


Providing the Highest Multiples in 10 Years


Never a Fee to the Seller – This Includes a Due Diligence Package!

General Insurance Brokerage has been selling independent insurance agencies in the United States since its inception. We offer a unique approach, beginning with valuation and guiding the entire contract to the closing process. General Insurance Brokerage streamlines the process for both the buyer and the seller and offers a wide variety of creative funding solutions to ensure a seamless closing process.

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Sell-Side Advisory

General Insurance Brokerage represents independent insurance agencies of all sizes in the sale of their insurance agency(s).  There is never a fee to the seller.Read More »


General Insurance Brokerage can provide you with a well-supported valuation to determine what your independent insurance agency is worth.Read More »

Mergers & Acquisitions

General Insurance Brokerage is the leading merger and acquisition (M&A) transaction firm specializing in the sale of independent agencies.Read More »

Financial Consulting

General Insurance Brokerage offers financial consulting services to satisfy the needs of our specialty clients.

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Lending Services

General Insurance Brokerage represents buyers and sellers in obtaining lender financing. Never a fee to the seller.Read More »

Buy-Side Advisory

Acquiring a company can lead to tremendous value and profitable growth – but only when the transaction is executed with careful planning and precision.Read More »

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Want to Know What Your Insurance Agency is Worth?

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How is the value of my insurance agency determined?

Each agency is unique, however; there are constant factors in every deal. Valuations are a blend of free cash flow, the mix of revenues (personal lines vs commercial lines) and quality of the revenues (carrier mix, retention and loss ratios). Once we determine the value based on these factors, we compare our findings to debt service ratios and return on investment. We basically look at the deal from a lender/SBA underwriting point of view. If the pricing of the agency works for all the parameters, there is a 99% chance the deal will close!

What documents do you need to determine the value of my insurance agency?

To help you answer the question “what is the value of my insurance agency?”, we need the following:

  • Prior Year Tax Return
  • Year to date Financials
  • If you have an agency management system:
  • Report showing last 12 months commissions by line of business
  • Report showing last 12 months commissions by Carrier
  • Employee Schedule

Is my information kept confidential?

Strictly confidential, we don’t accept information without a Non-Disclosure Agreement signed by both parties!

If I decide to sell what is involved in the process?

We collect your due diligence information.

We contact our clients that are the best fit for your company, they sign a non-disclosure agreement to gain access to your company’s electronic file. Typically, you can expect a contract for review within 2 -weeks from the time we collect your due diligence!

Can I expect to receive all cash for my agency?

In most Private Sale cases, you receive cash at closing. Our lenders will provide the buyer a loan on a 10-year amortization. For Private Equity deals you typically have 80-90% cash up front and the balance in stock.

How long is the typical transaction from start to finish?

Typically, you can expect a contract for review within 2 -weeks from the time we collect your due diligence! The closing process for a Private Sale is an average of 45-60 days and 90-120 days for Private Equity.