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Buying and Selling Insurance Agencies

Are you looking for a buyer for your agency or wondering what your agency is worth? Dollars funnel.Perhaps you are looking to purchase an insurance agency? General Insurance Brokerage is your solution. Now is an optimal time to explore selling your insurance agency and we are the experts. Services offered:

General Insurance Brokerage is a leading insurance agency merger and acquisition (M&A) transaction broker. We serve all types of independent insurance agencies throughout the United States, offering advice and growth strategies to achieve their goals. Serving companies across the United States, we assist buyers and sellers in more than 100 transactions annually from coast to coast. Our professionals understand the opportunities and challenges that exist in the insurance sector, and offer solutions to help clients fulfill their strategic goals and objectives. Our depth of expertise stretches through all stages of the buy/sell process – from initial planning to successful execution. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, we can help you develop and execute a plan that’s right for you to ensure you reach maximum profitability.

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Why Choose Us:

  • We complete more than 100 transactions per year from coast to coast
  • Highest Multiples in 10 years
  • Never a Fee to the Seller – this includes a due diligence package!

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21Mar 2017

Selling an insurance agency is a different skill than building one. While many agency principals and executives have achieved terrific success building agencies, recruiting and mentoring agents and cementing relationships with clients, actually selling an agency is a time-consuming and detailed process with a required skill set all its own. There are issues that come […]

23Feb 2017

When the members of the Fed sit down for their March conclave, they will likely conclude that they remain ahead of the curve on inflation and can take a pass on raising rates. They will prefer to squeeze additional gains from the labor market before acting again to tighten policy. And they will take note […]

02Mar 2016

March 2, 2016 – General Insurance Brokerage, a leading M&A firm specializing in insurance agencies, announced the negotiation of the sale of a large south Florida Independent Insurance Agency. General Insurance Brokerage was able to negotiate a premium of more than 3 times trailing 12 months’ commission instead of the norm of 2-2.5 time 12 months’ […]